Masonic Knights Templar Sword Case – LR256


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·         Beautifully made Knights Templar Sword Protective Case
·         Finished in Imitation Black Leather with a soft padded protective interior finish
·         Handy Carry Handles and Plastic Catch to secure closed
·         Designed for swords approximately 36 inches long – approx. dimensions 92cm x 7cm and 16cm at widest part
·         Handmade direct from Manufacturer, designed by us and sold exclusively by us·

PLEASE NOTE: For the benefit of gabriemorale404 (our customer in Peru) and anyone else that may think the sword is included in the sale IT IS NOT included in this listing. Pretty obvious you cannot buy a Case and Sword for £19.99, but sadly at least one thought you could!

·         WE ALSO SUPPLY SWORDS – but are unable to sell here because eBay forbid the sale of them. Please contact us if you wish to discuss swords.

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